Epoxy zinc-rich and inorganic zinc-rich difference

Epoxy zinc-rich and inorganic zinc-rich difference
The same zinc-rich primer, many users of inorganic zinc-rich and epoxy zinc-rich selection always have such and such doubts. In the end, which paint is better?
In the steel structure corrosion prevention system of multi-layer coating system, epoxy zinc-rich and inorganic zinc-rich performance is basically the same, can use epoxy zinc-rich primer instead of inorganic zinc-rich primer. From the construction point of view and construction speed, epoxy zinc rich primer is more suitable.

Inorganic zinc-rich paints are better than epoxy zinc-rich paints in terms of heat and solvent resistance, chemical resistance and electrostatic conductivity, but the flexibility of the paint film and the construction performance is poor. Inorganic zinc-rich paint in the construction of some special requirements, such as its curing to rely on high relative humidity, surface porous requirements for fog spraying technology, etc., and epoxy zinc-rich paint construction requirements compared to much simpler.
For construction, of course, epoxy zinc-rich than inorganic zinc-rich good to use, not only on the surface treatment of the requirements of low, and can be recoated in a short period of time, adhesion is also good, even if the surface treatment is not in place, within a short period of time will not be a problem! For the performance of the paint film, inorganic zinc rich hardness, brittle, so not suitable for thin-walled steel structure, but very suitable for large steel structure, because the deformation of the large steel structure is not large, and inorganic zinc rich hardness, curing is more not easy to break; for the resistance to salt spray, inorganic zinc rich to be much higher than the epoxy zinc rich, especially in the seawater, the performance of a single layer of inorganic zinc rich is very excellent, completely able to achieve long-lasting anti-corrosion. In particular, in seawater, the performance of single-layer inorganic zinc-rich is so excellent that it can completely achieve long-lasting anticorrosion.

There is an important point, inorganic zinc rich is very difficult to fake, so that, as long as the strict to do, inorganic zinc rich coating if done well, the performance of the coating will be very good; and epoxy zinc rich is too easy to fake, and in a short period of time can not be seen at all the problem, resulting in a flood of low zinc primer on the market. The use of inorganic zinc-rich requirements of water vapor curing, recoating intervals at room temperature is very long, the need for curing tests to overcoat the latter paint, and the need to use a special mist spraying technology; and epoxy zinc-rich primer as long as 1.5 hours can be recoated with an intermediate paint, routine construction, high efficiency, which can greatly shorten the construction period of the tension.

The harm of baby’s lack of zinc
1, affect the baby’s brain development. Baby zinc deficiency can lead to a reduction in the number of brain cells, especially in the fetal period to the age of 3 years this stage, if the lack of zinc will affect the development of the brain. According to the nutritional survey, some congenital stupid children, when excluding genetic factors, zinc deficiency is one of the important reasons.
2, affect the baby’s immune function. Zinc deficiency will lead to the baby’s immune function, thus making the baby often sick. This is because zinc has a great impact on the bactericidal ability of phagocytes. Studies have shown that in children with recurrent respiratory infections, the proportion of babies with zinc deficiency is significantly higher than normal babies.
3, affecting the normal healing time of wounds. Clinical findings, injured children with zinc deficiency wound healing slow.
Ten symptoms of zinc deficiency in babies
1, loss of appetite: picky eating, anorexia, refusal to eat, general reduction in the amount of food, the child has no sense of hunger, do not take the initiative to eat;.
2, messy eating. For example: biting nails, clothing, gnawing toys, hard objects, eating hair, confetti, raw rice, wall dust, mud, sand and gravel, etc;.
3, slow growth and development, height is 3-6 cm lower than the same age group, weight is 2-3 kg lighter.
4, low immunity, frequent colds and fevers, repeated respiratory infections such as: tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, sweating, night sweats in bed, etc.;; and
5、White spots on nails, long barbs on fingers, map tongue (irregular red and white shapes on the surface of the tongue).
6、Hyperactivity, slow reaction, inattention, poor learning ability.
7, vision problems: vision loss, easily lead to night vision difficulties, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, etc.;; and
8, skin damage: when trauma occurs, the wound is not easy to heal; easy to suffer from dermatitis, persistent eczema;
9, pubertal delay in sexual development, such as: male genital testicles and penis is too small, low testosterone content, low sexual function; female breast development and menstruation late; male and female pubic hair appear late; etc.; chronic diarrhea or long-term abdominal pain.
10, chronic diarrhea or long-term diarrhea, mouth ulcers recurring.

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