Is your baby deficient in calcium, iron and zinc? Quick checklist to recognize it in a second

Is your baby deficient in calcium, iron and zinc? Quick checklist to recognize it in a second
Calcium deficiency symptoms
1, often manifested as excessive sweating, independent of the temperature, especially after falling asleep, head sweating, so that the child’s head constantly rubbing the pillow, after a long time behind the skull can be seen occipital bald circle.
2, mental irritability, not interested in the surrounding environment, sometimes parents find that the child is not as lively as before.
3, night terrors, often suddenly waking up at night, crying.
4, after 1 year old children show late teething, some children are still not teething at 1 and a half years old, delayed closure of the anterior chimney, often after 1 and a half years old is still not closed.

5. The forehead is high and prominent, forming a square skull.
6, often have beaded ribs, is due to the lack of vitamin D, rib cartilage hyperplasia, cartilage hyperplasia of the ribs connected like beads, often oppression of the lungs, so that the child ventilation is not smooth, easy to suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia.
When children are seriously deficient in calcium, the muscles and tendons are flaccid. If the abdominal wall muscles, intestinal wall muscle relaxation, can cause the intestinal cavity of gas and the formation of abdominal expansion such as frog abdomen. If the spine tendon relaxation, can appear hunchback. 1 year after the child learns to walk, if calcium deficiency, can make the bone softening, standing body weight makes the lower limbs bent, some manifested as “X” shaped legs, some manifested as “O” shaped legs, and prone to fracture.
Reasons for calcium deficiency
1, the infant growth rate is fast, calcium needs relatively more, but the daily dietary calcium intake of our residents often do not reach the recommended intake standards. Therefore, it is now advocated that infants should be supplemented with 1/3 of the recommended amount of calcium from 2 weeks after birth, and at least until the age of 2, otherwise it is easy to lack of calcium.
2. Although the traditional dietary structure of Chinese people has many advantages, there is a lack of food with high calcium content.

3、Many people do not understand what is the correct and effective way of calcium supplementation. Some people would say that calcium tablets are full of calcium, calcium supplementation effect is definitely the best. In fact, this is not true. Calcium in calcium tablets are mostly inorganic calcium (calcium carbonate) or organic calcium (calcium gluconate), etc. The absorption rate of these synthetic calcium preparations is not as ideal as that of milk calcium. The absorption rate of milk calcium can be as high as 40%, while the absorption rate of some organic calcium is only about 20%. The absorption rate of inorganic calcium is comparable to that of milk calcium, but it is more irritating to the stomach and intestines. Therefore, the best option for calcium supplementation is through foods that are high in calcium, such as milk calcium-rich formulas. Vitamin D is the carrier of calcium absorption by bone marrow. Calcium’s Edge tablets contain vitamin D, which can multiply calcium absorption. Again, the absorption of calcium needs the help of vitamin D3, otherwise calcium will only “come and go in a hurry” in the body. Vitamin D3 is beneficial to the deposition of calcium on bones and reduces loss. Therefore, fortified with vitamin D3 milk or milk powder calcium effect will be better.
1. Eat more food with high calcium content
Such as: milk, yogurt, cheese, loach, mussels, snails, shrimp, shrimp, kelp, fried fish, oysters, peanuts, sesame paste, tofu, pine seeds, collard greens, cauliflower, cabbage, greens and so on.
2、Do more sports
Exercise can make muscles pull each other, strongly stimulate bones, strengthen blood circulation and metabolism, reduce calcium loss, delay bone aging, and at the same time is conducive to the absorption of calcium in the body’s diet.
3、More sunshine
Ultraviolet light can promote the synthesis of VD in the body, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium. But ultraviolet light can not penetrate the glass, so you can not sunbathe through the glass. Or use ZZ-2 ultraviolet ray therapy instrument to irradiate the skin to promote calcium absorption.

4、Eat a good breakfast
5, to contain oxalic acid more vegetables first blanch to destroy oxalic acid (oxalic acid can affect the absorption of calcium), and then cooking. Such as: collard greens, cauliflower, spinach, amaranth, cabbage, mustard greens, snow peas, bamboo shoots.
6、Separate supplementation
Supplement calcium separately from other minerals.
7、Take calcium tablets containing vitamin D supplement.
8、Consume it before going to bed, or between lunch and dinner is more likely to be absorbed.

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